Why I hired a Badass SEO Marketing Company

With the current online marketing strategies, you should understand the importance of search engine optimization in promoting your products not only in search engines but also in social media networks.
During any marketing process, learning how SEO analytics operate and comprehending key metrics is very important. Comprehending both brand and non-brand keywords, how search engine ranking change with time, how month-to-month traffic fluctuations vary with seasonality and much more helps you to stay relevant in the internet all year round. Becoming visible on manysearch engines, whether its local or global, depending on social networks also improves the ranking of your website. This in turn increases leads to your website, which triggers potential customers to taste your products. Knowing these things and that I don’t have the time to learn or worry about them is why I decided to hire a badass Search Engine Optimization & Marketing company. Moving Mountains is based out of Grants Pass, Oregon which is about 4 hours south or me here in Portland, Oregon. Moving Mountains – Grants Pass SEO Experts Facebook

SEO Experts - Moving Mountains Advisors - BADASS

What SEO Package should I buy?

What are SEO packages? SEO packages involves a fully-packed process of optimizing your website’s pages. Each page is usually optimized for a different organic search.
With knowledge of what Google is looking for many businesses have been evolving and growing very fast. They have gone beyond their physical boundaries because of globalization which is accentuated by online marketing. This is where a great marketing company thrives.

The website for your company and the products you offer should always come up top in the top of search engines, be it global or local, depending on your target market.

How is this possible?

Almost every company you know could use a custom SEO package from the guys I am working with. They are just plain gold. I don’t know or care what they know all I know is its impressive and works. Which is getting me higher ranking and in a few months, I will be dominating. In return this will make my business’s products and services visible worldwide.

SEO professionals and experts have set a major milestone for people’s websites by making them visible throughout the worldwide web. Moreover, businesses have grown into big multi-national businesses just because of Search Engine Optimization. However, choosing the right SEO package has remained a hurdle to many who aspire to build their businesses via online marketing.

PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH! There is no need to rush for the most advertised SEO package because it may turn to be disastrous to your business. Some so called marketing company’s do some crap work, which if done too much or from a bad source can wipe your business right off the front page. In some cases Google will even drop your site completely. It is extremely imperative to do some leg work research on the type of SEO package you really require and which is suitable for sustaining and making your company relevant to your target audience.
Ranging from copywriting, link building and citations to technical auditing, are some of the services one must consider when approaching a full service Search Engine Marketing company. Make sure you ask great questions and confidence is key. If someone doesn’t know how to provide a service you will see it in their eyes, which is another reason why I chose the Grants Pass SEO experts at Moving Mountains – Moving Mountains Advisors SEO Yelp.

Just like there are variety of businesses depending on their capacity, SEO services also has great expansive. They ambit small, medium to huge SEO set ups. A website with about 4 to 5 pages will require less of these services obviously than that containing up to 20 pages. Therefore, depending on the size of your website, you need to choose the right package which works optimally with your website. The right type of package is customized with the relevant size of a website.

The wide range of these packages are geared towards meeting the needs of every business. Do not get into a one size fits all deal.  95% of the time these are bad news. There are those customized to suit the specifics of small businesses while there are those specialized to provide the best for huge businesses. There are also certain special visibility packages that guarantees your website high visibility within a particular time frame. Moving Mountains guarantees top rankings in their higher end contracts. If they don’t rank you by the end of the contract its free! Crazy huh. That’s what I mean by confidence.

With proper a SEO company, the keywords are monitored continuously. The content management system, the technical infrastructure and the architecture of your website are very fundamental for a successful SEO campaign and this only comes with the correct package.

Before any package is customized for your site, technical auditing and analysis of the off-page and on-page elements should be done on your site to ensure there are no technical impediments. Furthermore, the most essential component of SEO package is the keyword research. SEO companies will always offer many methods to obtain the best keywords which will drive traffic to a website. They normally do these by carrying analysis on Google Analytics, analyzing competitor’s keywords and carrying a review on the kind of language used relevantly on social media sites.

SEO and Social Media

Social media continues to be a very powerful and effective tool for online communication. It has also proved to be an impeccable marketing platform for many companies. In the internet, it’s who knows you, that is important for your business and not whom you know. Among the most effective and popular social media networks for marketing, include Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn etc. Obviously for me Flickr & 500PX are going to be huge as well.

Focus on how you can utilize these social media networks to market your brand. You can easily leverage your business’s profits by carrying out intensive and extensive marketing on these sites. As you look through marketing your brand on these platforms, you will also get to learn how your brand evolves with proper marketing.

Moving Mountains SEO

Creating SEO Friendly Website

To create a SEO friendly website you need to learn how to optimize keywords and title tags. Also ensure that your website design is responsive and interactive. Keep your posts longer than 50 words. It should be less than this because it will be seen by search engines as not self-created. Effective and proper SEO posts and articles should also have images apart from just the texts. Search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) do not look for any image, they search for images with alt texts. SEO-friendly tactics build your posts for organic search. With these tips, your blog posts will appear on page one of search engines. Raise your rank today in search engines by integrating your website with effective SEO plans. You can hire an expert to do this for you. I highly suggest Grants Pass SEO Experts – Moving Mountains Advisors.

Your posts will get more attention in most of the search engines without necessarily stuffing your posts with keywords. Perhaps, you are a blogger who does business over the internet and you would probably like your posts to get a higher rank organically. Building good quality incoming links amongst other factors, is part of the game. Whether you are using Joomla, WordPress or Blogger, these tips are very useful to you when you are aiming at building a SEO friendly website or blog.

The bottom line is that, social media, affiliate marketing, SEO, Pay per Click advertising (PPC), backlinks among others are very crucial in your digital marketing strategy. These strategies will help to increase leads to your business and ultimately boost sales. There are other numerous benefits you can acquire through digital marketing ranging from increased number of customers to increased profit margins. Actually, this is a revolutionary form of marketing which is prime in promoting your brand.

Quick overview of what SEO is this whole 1000+ word article was gibberish to you. :P

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