Simply Boudoir Trailer – Photography Tutorial by Damien Lovegrove

Download the complete video at:

New for 2012, this HD boudoir photography training video by Damien Lovegrove promises to deliver the essential technical skills you need to create stunning intimate portrait photographs for your clients. All the set-ups have been lit with either just one Lupolux HMI light or natural light, hence the title ‘Simply Boudoir’ :)

Many months of meticulous preparation & shooting have gone into these video tutorial productions with the highest attention to detail.

Our photography training dvds and downloads are a growing resource for professional photographers. They are jam-packed with technical information, tips and tricks that will vastly improve your knowledge and take your photography to the next level. Photographers never stop learning and should always be striving to improve their core skills as well as learn advanced techniques to set them apart from the competition.

Our growing range of titles cover, wedding photography, flash (speedlite) lighting photography, studio photography, natural light photography and more recently boudoir photography. Unleash your potential and order a Lovegrove training video today!

If Carlsberg did studio lighting vids they’d still have to employ Damien Lovegrove to make it! – SanctuaryPhoto

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