Top GoPro Accessories / Mounts Collection 2015 + Tips!

Have a look at everything Flipped Society uses to make our videos and learn some simple GoPro tips and tricks!
All accessories / mounts can be purchased at:

Skip ahead in video using this legend:
Intro: 0:00
Cases: 0:25 (Pelican and DJI Phantom)
Tripods: 1:05 (Manfrotto)
Monopod: 2:30 (SLIK)
Boom Stick: 3:45 (Golf Ball Retriever)
GoPro adapter pieces: 4:20 (Head/Helmet Strap)
3M Adhesion sticky mounts vs Suction Cup: 5:40
Battery Charger: 6:50 (Telesin dual charger)
GoPro Cameras: 7:30 (Black editions 3, HERO3+)
Suction Cup Mount with Floaty: 8:25
GoPro extension arms: 9:15
Velcro 360-degree ankle strap: 9:30
Alligator clip clamp strap mount: 10:35
Quick clamp vs seat handlebar mount: 11:00
GoPro Water bottle: 11:50
DJI Phantom Drone Quadcopter: 12:10 (military edition)
Pelican 1520 carrying case: 13:15

Hope that helps!

Order accessories and mounts:
Edited by: Gavin Peacock

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