Spoil Yourself This Summer with Magnificent Orange Torpedo Trips

If you are into hiking, kayaking, and white water rafting, then orange torpedo trips might be all you need to satisfy your burning desire for outdoor adventure like you’ve never seen or experienced before. River rafting in the Southern Oregon vicinity just outside of the Grants Pass, Oregon is much talked about by outdoor enthusiasts and sports lovers who are out to experience the time of their lives. Your mouth will hang wide open in amazement once you hear the tales some people have to tell about their kayaking or white water rafting experience with Orange Torpedo . After all, they are one of the oldest and most experienced raft companies around. Check out Orange Torpedo on Facebook here.

What is particularly noteworthy, is their expertise in kayak excursions. Furthermore, there is no untimely delays where you sit around for hours before heading out to the river for your first encounter. Former guests were pleasantly surprised as to how knowledgeable the tour guides were. There is no question about their ability to describe the precautions you need to exercise as far as maneuvering your way around dangerous rapids are concerned.

Once you are halfway down the river, the guides will make a quick stop for a scrumptious midday meal to be enjoyed by all. By that time, you are ravenous and ready to devour anything. It won’t be long before the river guides get you paddling again on board the well-equipped kayaks. All in all, it is an adventure worth experiencing in terms of the various rapids that will get your heart rate soaring and the exquisite scenery that is simply breathtaking.

Ways to Enjoy what the Wild and Scenic Rogue River and Surrounds Have to Offer

There are various options as far as exploring the fantastic Rogue River is concerned. One of the best ways to do this is through orange torpedo trips. This would include river rafting, hiking either the North Umpqua or Rogue River trail and multi-sport adventures such as mountain biking. After all, life is for living, and what better way to make it happen than experiencing the Rogue River in all its magnificent glory and its surrounding areas alongside the experienced staff of Orange Torpedo. Where else will you be welcomed with delicious dinner your very first night to set the scene for an adventure filled day ahead of you?

The very next day, you will be left to your own devices to master the art of paddling on board a kayak. The inflatable kayaks are made in such a way that you will confidently paddle your way through the various rapids in no time at all. No need to fear though, you are not entirely on your own as the guides are always around in the unlikely event of an emergency.

Rogue River Rafting
Going away on an adventure filled weekend is just what the proverbial outdoor doctor ordered for adrenaline junkies who cannot contain themselves in experiencing the wide open spaces and enjoying the gushing sound of water all around them. In-between the exhilarating rapids the Rogue river slowly but surely calms down, allowing for numerous fun activities where one can swim and play to your heart’s content. Not to mention, being in awe of nature and wildlife nearby.

The expert guides will lead you through Oregon’s protected, yet wild and scenic river the way they know best. The warm waters of the Rogue River make it a real pleasure for guests to wade their way through the most challenging rapids on board more popular options such as inflatable kayaks or paddle rafts. Orange Torpedo has amazing reviews on Yelp. Check out some Yelp reviews here. Rogue River Rafting – Yelp.

Other rivers worth exploring when opting for orange torpedo trips, would be the Klamath, Owyhee and Salmon rivers. The latter is situated in Idaho and said to be one of the longest rivers in the States. In addition, the Salmon river flows through some of the largest wilderness areas, ensuring any excursion whether on board a kayak or raft cannot easily be matched by any other outdoor adventure trip. Various options are available where you can choose to stay up to 6 days if you want to and enjoy rafting in the day while staring in amazement at the stars at night. All while you recline in comfort on your favorite camp chair next to an outdoor fire sharing a tale of adventure with your fellow team members.

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